AR Cloud: The Next Generation of Augmented Reality(AR) Experience🎆

The Augmented reality (AR) cloud is one new trend in AR technology; it is positioned as the next big thing and aims to create immersive experiences by fusing the real and virtual worlds. An Augmented reality (AR)cloud’s main function is to make it possible to continuously share AR Experiences across various devices.

It will offer information and services pertaining specifically to the user’s physical surroundings. Technology advancements in augmented reality (AR) are intended to advance the field and enable more immersive user experiences in both the real and virtual worlds. it’s estimated that its market worth will hit $50 billion by 2024.

What are some opportunities in using AR Cloud?

The ability of AR Cloud to share virtual world experiences will open up opportunities for collaborative engagement in a variety of industries, including gaming, manufacturing, construction and design, and healthcare.

Let’s focus on the AR cloud and how it is currently applied in the real world.

  1. Sturfee: Sturfee uses VPS and AR cloud to implement its Metropolis AR technology, much like Google does with its AR Navigation. It is a flexible piece of technology that can be used for marketing, ride-sharing, tourism, and even navigation.
  2. Business: The use of AR cloud in business can result in better customer experiences that can lead to customer engagement and loyalty. It can also connect your workforce, wherever they may be in the world, fostering better collaboration and the sharing of common experiences.
  3. Google Lens: Users can engage in digitally interactive experiences with Google Lens thanks to AR cloud technology. The camera application gives users access to tools like text language translation and visual search and identification.
  4. Real-Time Shareability: With the help of the AR Cloud, you can instantly share your experience with others so that everyone can take part. Imagine being able to show off your vacation pictures to distant relatives or getting a preview of a new piece of furniture in your living room before purchasing it
  5. Increase in Productivity Across Industries — Medicine, Retail, Business: Numerous opportunities for greater productivity across industries are offered by the AR Cloud. Users can seamlessly collaborate on projects without having to travel long distances or even speak different languages thanks to its ability to accelerate development times (which often slows down communication).
  6. Store managers can observe how customers are interacting with their products, and business owners can observe what is going on in their offices at any time of day or night thanks to this technology. Doctors can instantly see what is happening inside their patients’ bodies without having to perform invasive procedures.

The AR cloud has the potential to create new interfaces for interacting with both the real world and the online environment. Its ongoing development will open the door for additional innovations that could realize more use cases.

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