How AI Is Shaping the Future of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality!

The impact of AI and AR/VR together in the future

  • Immersive Presentations: There won’t be a need to make PowerPoint presentations to demonstrate to the client thanks to technological improvements. Actual time will be involved. Users will be able to benefit from an interactive real-time visual created by AI and AR. We already got a preview of it with Pokemon Go. In the future, this might include more than simply visual information.
  • Education: Audiovisual presentations will no longer be used in education. Instead, it will have an interactive audio-visual experience. Since they won’t have to imagine what is happening in the classroom, learners will be more engaged in class as a result of this. Students will be able to experience the actual events.
  • E-commerce: This particular sector of the economy will gain significantly. Marketers are already attempting to learn more about buyer journeys through the use of AI. Marketers will learn more about how audiences are responding to their creatives thanks to innovations like geo-targeting and real-time interaction, and they may even offer buyers tailored creatives.
  • Wearables: The flow of information at a touch will be a reality in the future that we are seeing. We will have apparel and accessories with information-exchanging capabilities thanks to the partnership between AI and AR/VR.

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