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4 min readJul 26, 2022

Recently individuals are beginning to discuss the term, “Mixed Reality”. A lot of people are familiar with Augmented/Virtual reality, So then, What is Mixed Reality? What is an MR experience? How is MR related to AR or VR?

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality is one of the most well-known arising technologies, that uses innovation to submerge an individual in a real computer-produced world and eliminate them from reality.

However, there is some misunderstanding about what Mixed Reality is. What precisely is a Mixed Reality display? What exactly is an MR experience? What is the relationship between MR and AR or VR?

First How is Mixed Reality shaping the Digital World?

Mixed reality is a high-level type of augmented reality that has rapidly spread and can provide outcomes to various business verticals. It connects the physical and virtual worlds. In MR, virtuality and Augmented reality interact in real-time. MR enables users to control and communicate with virtual and actual conditions or items.

Users of MR experiences can engage with both digital and real-world objects. In contrast to VR, where the real world is fully obscured, and AR, which does not involve any interaction between digital and physical elements, is MR.

Let's get into the difference between these three.

The Difference between VR AR and MR

Virtual Reality (VR): It makes reference to an experience that completely engulfs the user and blocks out the physical world. Users of VR headsets like the Oculus Rift can enter a variety of real-world and imagined environments. Virtual reality is a digital environment created artificially to completely replace the real world. Users of VR feel as though they are in a virtual world and are exposed to artificial sounds and sights. Imagine opening your eyes to discover a computer-generated environment all around you. You can move around in this setting and even engage with it. That is how virtual reality works.


Augmented Reality (AR): With the help of a smartphone’s camera, it frequently adds digital features to a live view. Snapchat lenses and the video game Pokemon Go are two examples of augmented reality experiences. The overlaying of digital content over the physical world is known as augmented reality. Images, films, and interactive data can all be used as virtual objects. Consider that you wish to purchase some furniture, like a chair, Using augmented reality technology, you can choose the perfect chair by seeing how multiple options will look in your space.


Mixed Reality (MR): Real-world and digital items interact in a Mixed Reality (MR) experience, which includes features of both AR and VR. Simply put, you can see virtual objects in mixed reality just like you can in augmented reality, but these objects can also communicate with the physical world. Mixed reality can be thought of as a more participatory and immersive form of augmented reality.


Some of the use cases of MR in the Real World

Communications: Immersive communication experiences made possible by MR technology promote more effective teamwork. With headsets on, workers may collaborate without being cut off from the outside world.

MR in Healthcare: Through interactive learning, immersive technologies are used to train students and medical practitioners before exposing them to real-life patients. The end result is less learning time and a better understanding of operative techniques due to more realistic visuals than books and videos.

Manufacturing: By giving workers immediate support, mixed reality technology streamlines production procedures. Holographic instructions can be seen right in front of a worker’s eyes, providing them with constant guidance. This significantly raises quality while lowering the possibility of human error. MR is also useful for maintenance and repairs, especially in fields that demand knowledge and accuracy.

A cutting-edge innovation, mixed reality reduces access to previously available technology while fundamentally altering how we interact with our physical surroundings. By fusing the physical and digital worlds, we can create new levels of involvement and entrance in all of our processes.

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