Metarri’s SDK: A Deep Dive!!

We released the Metarri SDK version 1.0.0 in alpha a few weeks ago, and here’s a quick overview of it.

A Brief Overview of the Metarri SDK, So you’ve heard of Metarri, but how well do you know the Metarri SDK? I’m going to assume not much.

This article is intended to enlighten developers about the Metarri SDK and how to utilize it.

Before we get started, it’s important to understand that Metarri is two things to developers. First and foremost, it is a repository/hosting platform for developers to store their apps (Web3, VR/AR). Second, it is a runtime environment in which those apps can be run.

We decided to build our dedicated runtime to make it as simple as possible for developers to ship their app ideas to as many devices and users as possible, without having to worry about platform-specific limitations.

Taking into account Metarri’s runtime environment to be a virtual machine (because we’re both Web3 developers), I’ll compare Metarri’s runtime to the Ethereum Virtual Machine).

Just as when you compile your Solidity application to byte code and upload it to Ethereum’s Virtual Machine.

To upload an app to Metarri,

  • It must first be packaged in a .MTRI archive (equivalent of an APK on android, or an IPA on IOS). This can be accomplished using the Metarri SDK’s built-in CLI.
  • Next, you upload the .MTRI archive to your developer dashboard at

Now we’ve seen one of the uses of the SDK, let’s go over other uses. The Metarri SDK comes bundled with a plethora of libraries and utilities that will make it easy to build Web3/AR/VR apps. This will reduce the developer overhead of having to implement everything from scratch (think of it as importing solidity libraries).

Full documentation will be made available via the SDK’s Readme file, hosted on npm at

For more updates on our product, You can follow us on social media through the following links below:









Metarri is a decentralized placeholder for virtual world and experiences. The Dapp store for the metaverse 📌🚀

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Metarri is a decentralized placeholder for virtual world and experiences. The Dapp store for the metaverse 📌🚀

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