Our Vision: A Fully Decentralized MarketPlace!

According to blockchain predictions by Brock Pierce, an American entrepreneur with rich experience in digital currencies, the future of blockchain growth will be pushed by DApps, STOs, and the gaming industry.

Interesting yeah !!, now the significant difficulty in the global labour market is that Web3/Blockchain/VR Developers strive to upload their work to a decentralized app store that allows users to access these items on their mobile devices.
In contrast, emerging and developing nations have a big number of talented developers but lack a marketplace to upload their applications.

Therefore, the Metarri team envisions a decentralized and open-source protocol-enabling ecosystem for creators and explorers based on blockchain technology that can be used across various platforms that offer exceptional efficiency and ease.

Adopting blockchain technology on the METARRI platform will result in significant benefits such as increasing the number of distributed operations, entirely securing data, eliminating intermediaries, and enabling easier communication between explorers and creators using smart contracts.

Let’s work together to rise to a new age in the global market!

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Metarri is a decentralized placeholder for the virtual world and experiences. The AppStore of the metaverse 📌🚀 🌐 https://metarri.io/ 🎆