Smart glasses and its Applications!

Use cases of AR glasses includes:-

  • Building and Construction: Construction workers benefit from a hands-free, safer workflow when wearing smart glasses (or smart hard hats). Through real-time, remote solutions, structural inspections and mistakes can be held and rectified with more accuracy.
  • Warehousing & Logistics: Logistics firms may utilize smart glasses to speed up routine tasks like warehouse picking and product assembly by using capabilities like real-time collaboration and spatial data visualization. This will help more orders arrive on time.
  • Complex Manufacturing: The key components of an assembly line are productivity, precision, compliance, and quality control. These basic components just so happen to be the ones where smart glasses may help.
  • Gaming: AR is working great in the gaming industry and it is around us from years.
  • Education: By making lessons more interactive and emphasizing practice, augmented reality is revolutionizing the educational sector. With the addition of virtual things to the real environment, augmented reality enables students to practice using physical gadgets.

Are Smart Glasses the Future of Work?



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