The AR|VR|METAVERSE Conference “22 -Recap

The AR|VR|METAVERSE Conference “22, held on August 26th, was such an insightful session because we had speakers on who spoke on some of the exciting topics about the metaverse, AR, and VR; here’s a recap if you missed it: Bruno Calabreatta emphasized -

Properties Entrepreneurs should keep in mind when building a Metaverse.

  1. Be always online
  2. Be able to work in Real-Time
  3. Create experiences that can be comparable to Real Life
  4. Be economically structured
  5. Data correlations
  6. Information and Digital properties are recognized on every platforms and networks.

What does it mean disruption for Entrepreneurs that are creating a Metaverse or that are building Metaverse Technology?

When we look at what entrepreneurs should anticipate from the disruption side, it mostly depend on what is their appetite;

Quality: Quality of the product that they are trying to build, innovation in comparison to what is already available. Creating a product that they want to use before their customers do. Specifically, the interception of Quality and Latency. The environment must be fluid and capable of reproducing something similar to Real Life Experience.

Cost of Operation: Finding a location, for instance, where the cost of power is really low since, in this case, the electricity is coming from a nearby water source. The cost of the entire chain will decrease by 30–40% if the price of electricity is reduced.

He further gave insights on some of the key features of the metaverse;

Key Features of the Metaverse

Digital Twin Virtual versions of physical cities

Social Platform Matching Profiles & Creating Interactions

Digital Marketplace Transaction & Monetization Platform

Integrated Mixed Reality Physical & Digital Presence

Gamifies Experience Exploration & Entertainment Features

Real Time Translation Instant Language Translation Tool

Digital is taking over the physical world, setting the ground for the METAVERSE explosion. Metaverse is a Digital Reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented & virtual reality, and cryptocurrencies to allow users to interact virtually .

Growth Ramping Up Exponentially, Investment in Metaverse Tech within only 5 months of 2022 is already more than 200% of the investment made in all 2021 2021–57 Bn$ 2022 (Jan — May) — 122 Bn$.

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