The Metaverse Roles in VR and AR

The metaverse encompasses a wide range of technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), blockchain, web3, cryptocurrency, social media, and much more, with VR/AR and MR being predominant.

It is unsurprising that VR and AR have infiltrated almost every aspect of human life, ranging from engineering to medicine, and even gaming. AR & VR are growing increasingly popular around the world, serving as a source of information, entertainment, and leisure, as well as a means of enhancing productivity.

let’s take a closer look at what they are.

Virtual Reality (VR): Virtual reality uses technology to create a virtual world that which users may interact. The word “virtual reality” is arguably the most well-known. VR refers to a 3D and computer-generated virtual environment that is created by a combination of realistic sounds, images, and other sensations via devices such as VR headsets/helmets, gloves, and body detectors equipped with sense detectors to either replicate a real environment or an imaginary world. Immersion in Virtual Reality and the Metaverse will undoubtedly continue to develop.

Augmented Reality (AR): AR is a real-time view of a physical environment with digital sensory input such as sound, graphics, films, or GPS data. To put it another way, AR resides on top of our physical world, allowing users to view the actual environment through the screens of their phones/tablets or through smartglasses and make virtual changes to it on the screen. AR is also being used by IT industry experts to perform incredible things with motion-activated commands and holograms. In this approach, the technology grows on top of your real-life environment as a platform.

Both augmented reality and virtual reality have a place in the global marketplace, which is why Metarri is focusing on creating a play store to house these AR/VR applications.

Now you’re asking, where and how does Metarri fit in now?
Well, Metarri envisions designing a decentralized and open-source protocol-enabling ecosystem for creators and explorers based on blockchain technology, Web3, and Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality Technology that can be used across various platforms that offer exceptional efficiency and ease.

Interesting yeah, So are you a developer or a founder working on a Blockchain, AR/VR, or Web3-based solution?

Here are some job roles that will be available in the Metarri metaverse:


1. Augmented and Virtual reality engineers:

These individuals will be the heart and soul of the Metarri marketplace. They will be in charge of converting designs into apps and creating immersive digital experiences for Metarri.

2. 2D/3D designers and animators:

The immersive content for the Metaverse will be provided by designers and animators.

3. Game developers:

It will be hard to envision an immersive space that does not include games. They will be in charge of creating immersive games for the Metarri marketplace.

4. Productivity app developers

We’ll be collaborating with productivity app developers to find novel methods to deliver productivity-enhancing apps to the Metarri marketplace.

5. Hardware Engineers:

Metarri will develop dedicated hardware to run our software effectively over time, and we look forward to collaborating with hardware engineers to make this a reality.

6. Web3 Developers:

We’ll need Web3/Blockchain developers to secure the platform’s integrity and decentralization because the Metarri marketplace is a decentralized marketplace.

7. Cyber Security Engineers.

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Metarri is a decentralized placeholder for the virtual world and experiences. The AppStore of the metaverse 📌🚀 🌐 🎆

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Metarri is a decentralized placeholder for the virtual world and experiences. The AppStore of the metaverse 📌🚀 🌐 🎆

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