Why Explore the World With VR Apps? 🎆

4 min readSep 5, 2022


Now Everyone has a bucket list when it comes to traveling the world, but I can attest that financial difficulties can make it difficult to experience all you want to. This is the reason that a lot of organizations have been working on creating different VR experiences for traveling.

They hope to be able to provide everyone the chance to experience all of these natural settings as if they were in the real world. We think everyone should at least once try this experience. It is an opportunity to recognize the beauty and diversity of our world.

So, here are some of the best VR apps we have put together and experiences for traveling around the world you should try:

  1. BRINK Traveler: BRINK Traveler is a virtual travel experience that takes you to amazing natural locations in full 3D to feel like you’re really there. Step into a postcard and visit some of the most breathtaking places on Earth today and Travel to some of the most awe-inspiring locations on Earth, captured in full 3D thanks to state-of-the-art photogrammetry.

2. Everest VR: As you attempt to reach the top of the globe, take on a series of first-person challenges to discover what it’s like to climb Mount Everest. A VR encounter with unmatched visual fidelity and player agency feels both authentic and emotionally stunning. We now have Everest VR, one of many VR exploration-focused apps, which provides a lifelike and immersive experience that makes you feel as though you are actually there. You will learn what it takes to ascend the world’s tallest mountain and comprehend the enormous sacrifices that a chosen few must make before they succeed in reaching the summit.

3. VZFIT: We believe that everyone can enjoy themselves while also becoming in shape. Google Street View lets you explore the beauty of the world’s 10 million miles of roads. Visit a new place, your favorite vacation site, or your hometown. Your upcoming journey is waiting. Our trainers can help you whether you want to use your stationary bike or enjoy a full-body cardio workout. Although VZfit offers workouts for all fitness levels, one thing never changes: FUN.


4. Google Earth VR: The world is at your fingertips with Google Earth VR. Your complete bucket list may be checked off in virtual reality if you want to wander the streets of Tokyo, fly over Yosemite, or teleport across the world. One of the most complete and in-depth VR exploration experiences available is Google Earth VR. The VR app now offers access to any part of the world that Google Cars have mapped. Due to the integration of Street View photos, the experience is considerably more immersive for cities.

5. BLUEPLANET VR EXPLORE : Blueplanet VR is a curated collection of over 40 photogrammetric experiences of unique and powerful scenic and cultural heritage locations worldwide, ranging from Borobudur Temple in Indonesia to Bears Ears National Monument in the southwestern US. With a high level of digital production and art direction, BPVR offers compelling 6DOF presence and mobility within these remarkable locations, some even offering hang gliding flight experiences over spectacular terrains. Interactive features are used to deepen understanding and insight of these fascinating and unique locations.

6. Puzzling Places: We end our list of VR experiences for exploring the world with Puzzling Places a relaxing and wholesome 3D jigsaw puzzle where players put together hyper-realistic miniatures of beautiful places from around the globe. By establishing a meditative and calm atmosphere, the game focuses on achievable challenges and a tangible feeling of progression and completion. With every piece puzzled, each “place” slowly comes to life with an immersive and serene soundscape and visuals. Puzzling Places is a modern take on an age-old pastime that’s fun for the whole family, thanks to its simple rules and easy controls.


There are some locations we can only hope to visit. Anyone can now travel to even the most distant places thanks to VR apps for global exploration, and with Oculus Quest, you can pretty much travel anywhere you’d like without ever leaving home. To go to new places and immerse yourself in new realities, all you need is a VR headset and some leisure time. Exciting yeah?🤩

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